Super Man Caves for the Super Bowl


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Whether you bleed Broncos blue and orange or are a proud supporter of the Panthers, or even if you’re just tuning in for the commercials, we’ve rounded up our annual list of awesome man caves — all ready for Super Bowl 50. Viewing essentials The “go big or go home” mantra is taken to heart in this eclectic man cave. Decked out with a bar, pool table, sports memorabilia — and green turf for carpet — this space has all the game-viewing essentials. Cave dweller Rustic elegance is the phrase that comes to mind when you step into this lodge’s game room, designed by Locati Architects. Before the big game, you could rustle up something to drink or challenge a friend to pool. As kickoff nears, fans can open two wooden panels over the fireplace to reveal the flat-screen TV. Game on! Forget football and start your own competition in this man cave. You can begin by shooting pool or hoops, or try to record a new high score on one of the video games. Sideline concessions will help k

Source: Super Man Caves for the Super Bowl | Zillow Porchlight

Source: Super Man Caves for the Super Bowl

5 Souper-Duper Choices for National Homemade Soup Day

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While I love talking real estate and selling real estate, I also want to use my blog to share other things I find interesting and think you will find enjoyable. Today is a perfect example of this because it is National Homemade Soup day and I wanted to share with you my top 5 go-to winter soup recipes.

Split pea and ham—When it comes to cooking, it’s hard to argue with Marta Stewart. Leave off the croutons and it is a great Paleo-friendly meal.

pea soup (1)

Martha Stewart

Chili—Popsugar worked with Cooks Country  to share their 5 Alarm Chili recipe.

chili (1)

Popsugar/Cooks Country

Roasted butternut squash— This soup from Food Network is a knock-out. (Make sure to keep the seeds for roasting)

squash soup (1)


Lentil soup with sausage and kale— While this soup will be fantastic for a cold day, the next day it tastes even better.

sausage kale (1) 


Beef and barley— Finish this glorious soup with a drizzle of good olive oil and some warm crusty bread for a great Sunday dinner.

beef barley


I’ve shared with you some of my favorites, what is your favorite winter soup?

Source: 5 Souper-Duper Choices for National Homemade Soup Day

2 Thing Tuesday

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In working with lots of buyers and sellers, I come across some really great ideas. Here are just a couple from this week that I wanted to share with all  my friends:

  1. When you meet a contractor insert their contact information with their trade as the last name. I don’t remember what my electrician’s last name is, nor do I need to. What I need is to be able to find him quickly, and I’m able to do that simply by searching “electrician” in my contacts.
  2. When listing a home I often ask the sellers if they have all the appliance owner manuals for the next owner. This time the owner brought out an accordion file with all the home information in it. Paint samples with rooms written on it, plant tags from the landscaping, receipts for major work done, counter top samples, etc. The buyers loved the amount of information provided and it helped the owner organize all the bits of paperwork throughout the years.

What are some of your own home tips that have worked for you?

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5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization


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Kitchen space utilization is all about organization; the more organized a kitchen is, the more “stuff” you can keep within reach. Here are my 5 golden rules for keeping your kitchen completely organized.

Golden Rule #1–Be a Wall Flower–

Utilize all the space available (this includes walls). By hanging hooks to store utensils, it’ll free up often sparse counter top space.

Make creative use of space

Golden Rule #2–Be Dimensional–

Think 3 dimensional by stacking bowls and plates. Most kitchen stores carry wire shelves to get even more storage within the cabinet.

Think three-dimensional. Stack the plates and bowls. Kitchen stores also carry wire racks for the inside of cabinets to add even more storage space

Golden Rule #3–Out With The Old–

Pitch single-purpose tools. Yes, I understand there are several single-purpose tools that are irreplaceable (egg slicer, peeler, mallet), but look at what you really use and you’d be surprised how few tools you actually use on a regular basis.

Out with the old. Get rid of the single purpose tools that only clutter your drawers.

Golden Rule #4–Be Transparent–

Utilize see-through containers for easy access. Or if placing the items in drawers, label the top of the container.

Utilize see-through containers

Golden Rule #5–Utilize Spacesavers–

Pull-outs are a serious space saving help. I love my pots and pans pullout (shown below). The lids stack easily on the top and the pots and pans are organized nicely and not smashing into each other ruining the non-stick surface.

Easy Access. Installing pull-outs allow for maximum use of cabinet space.

Source: 5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization

Wow Home Wednesday

Wow home weds (4)

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$70,000,000 Manhattan apartment with 5 beds, 5.5 baths, 5,955 sq ft, $11,755/sq ft. This truly deserves it’s “wow” designation. 

Listed by Sotheby’s Realty. Click here for the complete listing.

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